1. Nature Sound - Color
    05 Jan, 2015
    Nature Sound - Color
    Relax is vital for ensuring your health & well being, Get Relax by Sound & Color This App helps to get relax, All Nature sounds such as forest, water fall, birds, sea breeze. Color changes as desired, any specific color can be freeze. Color changing speed and bubbles speed can be adjusted Some nature sounds help us fall into sleep easily. It is good for those having sleeping disorder.
  2. Imran vs Nawaz
    20 Nov, 2014
    Imran vs Nawaz
    Following massive allegations of rigging in the Pakistan 2013 general election, former cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan's political party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) hesitantly accepted the election results demanding a probe into electoral rigging in 4 constituencies as a litmus test for the rest of the election process. Government inaction in this regard led the PTI to organise several jalsas (lit. protest demonstrations) throughout Punjab, which is prime minister Nawaz Sharif's
  3. My Tasbih
    29 Jun, 2014
    My Tasbih
    Tasbih (تسبيح) is a form of dhikr that involves the repetitive utterances of short sentences glorifying Allah, in Islam. To keep track of counting either the phalanges of the right hand or a misbaha is used. Tasbih or Tasbeeh are most commonly made of various stones or wooden bead, but also of olive seeds, ivory, amber, pearls or plastic. Stone beads (mineral and animal based) are made of; carnelian, amber, tortoiseshell, glass, meerschaum, ivory, pearl, coral, coconut, pebble, mother of-pearl,